9 August 2012

Firmware v1.20 update for Nikon 1 J1 and V1

Apart from the new Nikon 1 camera and accessories, Nikon also posted an update for the Nikon 1 J1 and V1 mirror-less system cameras.

According to the release notes, the following fixes and enhancements have been made:
  • The exposure control program used with shooting in Smart Photo Selector mode, or still image shooting mode with Exposure mode set to P Programmed auto or Scene auto selector, has been revised for faster shutter speeds to prevent blurred subjects.
  • Auto white balance performance has been increased.
  • Exposure accuracy with ISO sensitivity set to Auto 100–3200, Auto 100–800, or Auto 100–400 has been increased with shooting using the built-in flash to photograph subjects at close distances..
  • The following issues have been resolved.
    • An error message was sometimes displayed during interval timer shooting, preventing capture of the specified number of shots.
    • When the camera was turned on by releasing the retractable lens barrel lock on applicable lenses, there was sometimes a slight delay before the shutter could be released.
You can find the firmware updates on the support sites:
(Or, go to you own country's support site)

Applying the fix is easy:
  • Download the firmware update (Mac or Win file)
  • Put the firmware update bin file in the root directory of a memory card
  • Insert the memory card in your camera
  • Turn the camera on
  • Select “Firmware version” from the camera's setup menu and follow the instructions shown for updating the firmware
  • After update has completed, turn the camera off and remove the memory card

To verify you have the latest version of the firmware active, simply select “Firmware version” from the camera's setup menu. Firmware A and B should both be version 1.20.

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