5 July 2012

Nikon D4 firmware update

Nikon has released a new firmware update for its D4 camera.

The new 1.02 version of the firmware has the following modifications:
  • Format memory card can now be added to My Menu.
  • Gamut for Adobe RGB images displayed in the camera's monitor has now been changed. This enables more vivid display of images.
  • The stability of network connections when the FTP upload option is selected has been increased.
  • When recording movies using a lens with an aperture ring in [P] or [S] exposure mode, and Aperture ring selected for Custom Setting f10: Customize command dials>Aperture setting, the minimum aperture was applied. This issue has been resolved.
  • When a still image captured during movie recording with 1920 ×1080; 30 fps; crop, 1920 × 1080; 25 fps; crop, or 1920 × 1080; 24 fps; crop selected for Movie settings>Frame size/frame rate and Live frame grab selected for Custom Setting g4: Assign shutter button was displayed in Capture NX 2 or ViewNX 2, the position of the focus point displayed differed from actual recording position. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the camera to freeze when attempting to format a memory card (setup menu > Format memory card) while the camera was connected to a network in HTTP server mode has been resolved.

Downloading the firmware updates

You can find the firmware updates on the support sites: Europe / USA
(Or, go to your own country's support site)

How to apply the firmware updates

Applying the fix is easy:
  • Download the firmware update (Mac or Win file)
  • Put the firmware update bin file in the root directory of a memory card
  • Insert the memory card in your camera
  • Turn the camera on
  • Select “Firmware version” from the camera's setup menu and follow the instructions shown for updating the firmware
  • After update has completed, turn the camera off and remove the memory card
To verify you have the latest version of the firmware active, simply select “Firmware version” from the camera's setup menu. Firmware A and Firmware B should both be version 1.02.

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