12 July 2012

Lexar announces XQD memory cards

After Sony's recent announcement of bigger and faster XQD memory cards, Lexar just announced they will be making XQD cards of their own too.

The XQD memory card specification was developed by Nikon, Sony, and Sandisk together, to be able to build faster memory cards than possible with Compact Flash. It is therefore interesting to see that instead of Sandisk, Lexar is going to be the second manufacturer of XQD cards besides Sony…

Apart from announcing availability of the new Lexar XQD cards “this quarter,” details on size, speed, and cost have not been made available yet. Also unknown is whether or not they will be manufacturing an accompanying card reader as well.

At this moment the Nikon D4 is the only camera that makes use of these fast XQD memory cards. Lexar's initiative, however, can be seen as an indication that the XQD card will be more widely adopted in the (near) future.

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