15 April 2014

Nikon releases CaptureNX2 2.4.7

Even though the new Capture NX-D will replace NX2 soon – see my earlier article on workflow considerations and why NX-D is actually not a (good) replacement of NX2 – Nikon has still lived up to its promise to keep NX2 up to date as long as NX-D is in beta.

You can download the update from the Nikon support websites: EU / USA

Changes in v2.4.7

  • Support for RAW images captured with the Nikon 1 V3, and Nikon 1 J4 has been added.
  • Auto distortion control was not applied to images captured with some cameras, and Auto Distortion in the Camera & Lens Corrections section of the Edit List palette was not displayed.
  • When RAW images captured with some cameras and saved using Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.4.5 or earlier were opened, white balance effects sometimes changed.
  • Support for Windows XP has been eliminated.

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