9 January 2014

Firmware update 2.0.3 for the Canon EOS-1D X

Canon today published a new firmware for its flagship EOS-1D X DSLR camera. The new firmware comes with a host of updates and improvements (Nikon: where are you with these kind of updates for the D4?). If you have a 1D X, I would really recommend updating.

As always, you can download the update from the canon website.
Note: if your particular operating system version (e.g., Mac OS X 10.9) doesn't show the 2.0.3 update, use an earlier OS version, this should allow you to view and download it.

Updates and fixes in the 2.0.3 firmware revision:

  • Auto focusing performance under low-light conditions has been enhanced when performing focusing before shooting in AI Servo AF mode. The enhancement comes from the improvement in tracking capability for the first image in the low-light conditions.
  • The number of release parameters settings for the "AI Servo AF 2nd image priority" AF function has been increased to enable improved AF tracking in low light or maintain consistent high frames rates during continuous shooting.
  • The number of parameters for acceleration/deceleration tracking in the AF Configuration Tool will has been increased.
  • Exposure compensation can be performed when using manual exposure and ISO Auto.
  • The minimum shutter speed limit for ISO Auto has been increased with shutter speeds up to 1/8000.
  • A new function to keep the exposure constant by altering the ISO or shutter speed in manual exposure, when the aperture value changes when zooming or changing lenses has been added.
  • A new option has been added to orientation linked AF point to enable only the AF point to switch as you change orientation rather than both AF point/ AF area settings
  • A new option to continue to use the previously manually selected AF point as the initial starting AF point when switching to 61-point automatic selection has been added.
  • New customization of the Exposure metering and AF controls has been added for more flexibility.
  • The number of possibilities for controls to switch between one-shot AF and AI Servo AF using custom controls has been increased.
  • A function has been added to allow the playback and review of protected images only.
  • A phenomenon has been fixed in which the white balance may be disturbed by the timing of the shutter release when the drive mode is single shooting and a flash (E-TTL)is used.

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