30 September 2013

Nikon Capture NX 2.4.4 released

Nikon has released an update for their Capture NX2 image editing application.

Version 2.4.4 contains the following bugfixes and enhancements.

As always you can download the software from the Nikon support sites (EU, USA, or go to your local Nikon support site).

Windows and Macintosh versions

  • Support for RAW images captured with the COOLPIX P7800 has been added.
  • An Automatic (Underwater) option has been added to the Auto Distortion pull-down menu under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Adjust section of the Edit List.
    However, the Automatic (Underwater) option is only displayed when all of the following conditions are met.
    • The image was captured with an advanced camera with interchangeable lenses that supports underwater automatic distortion control, and a lens that also supports the function.
    • The image was captured in RAW format or in JPEG format with the camera's Auto distortion control function disabled.
  • The following issues have been resolved.
    • When the slider bar was manipulated while applying settings such as Gaussian Blur, High Pass, or Colorize, flicker in the form of random blocks was sometimes displayed.

Windows version only

  • When OK in the Page Setup dialogue opened from the Print layout dialogue was clicked after changing printers using the Print button in the Print layout dialogue, only the default printer (that normally used) was named in the Printer section at top left in the Print layout dialogue.
  • "aaa..." was displayed for Artist in the File & Camera Information section of the Metadata palette. (Language versions other than the English version).
  • When a date was entered in the Date Created text box in the XMP/IPTC Information section of the Metadata palette, and the user attempted to save the image, an error was displayed and the image could not be saved. (German language version only).
  • When an image was edited using the LCH tool in the Adjust section of the Edit List, a message prompting the user to restart the application was sometimes displayed.

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