12 March 2013

Nikon releases ViewNX 2.7.4

Nikon has released an update to their free image browser/editor ViewNX2.

The 2.7.4. update contains below fixes and enhancements.

Modifications that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions
  • Support for the D7100 has been added.
  • The correct lens name is now be displayed for still images captured with a digital-SLR camera and the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR. However, in the following cases, the lens name displayed will indicate that it is a G-type lens in Metadata on the Edit palette.
    • Images captured with a Nikon 1-series camera and the FT-1 mount adapter
    • Movies recorded using a digital-SLR camera

Additional modifications to the Macintosh version
  • An issue that prevented images saved in JPEG format with Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.3.0 or 2.3.1 from opening in ViewNX 2 has been resolved.
The new version can be downloaded from the Nikon support site: EU / USA

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