6 September 2014

New Distortion Control Data for Nikon Cameras

Nikon has released a new version of its Distortion Control Data for correcting barrel and pincushion distortion during shooting and editing (on those cameras that support it).

The L2.000 version of the Distortion Control Data can be downloaded from the Nikon imaging website.

The following cameras and firmwares are supported:
CameraCompatible firmware
D4SC:1.00 or later
D4A:1.10 or later, B:1.10 or later
D810C:1.00 or later
D800EA:1.10 or later, B:1.10 or later
D800A:1.10 or later, B:1.10 or later
DfC:1.00 or later
D610C:1.01 or later*
D600C:1.02 or later*
D7100C:1.02 or later*
D7000A:1.04 or later, B:1.05 or later*
D5300C:1.00 or later
D5200C:1.02 or later
D3300C:1.00 or later
D3200C:1.03 or later
D90A:1.00 or later, B:1.01 or later*

*Please note that the new L2.000 Distortion Control Data requires a just released firmware update for the following cameras:
  • Nikon D90 Firmware Update A 1.00, B 1.01: EU
  • Nikon D7000 Firmware Update A 1.04, B 1.05: EU
  • Nikon D7100 Firmware Update C 1.02: EU
  • Nikon D600 Firmware Update C 1.02: EU
  • Nikon D610 Firmware Update C 1.01: EU


  1. Thanks for the update Hayo, but how useful is this? If you process with Lightroom, does Lightroom do anything with this?

    1. Hi Gerphil,

      the Distortion Control Data is only used in-camera (when you have e.g., Auto Distortion Control turned on), and applies to JPG and TIFF files generated by the camera, as well as the embedded preview in NEF files.

      The information is ignored by non-Nikon software, so if you don't shoot JPG/TIFF, there is no real point in applying this update other than for the embedded previews.


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