19 June 2014

Adobe releases Creative Cloud 2014

Adobe has just released a new version of its Creative Cloud suite of applications – available only as subscription. It hosts a number of great new additions for designers and photographers alike.

Some of the new features

  • In Camera Raw the Radial and Graduated Filters have a new Brush option designed to selectively hide the filter in unwanted areas. Plus, Camera Raw 8.5 has new Per-Panel Preview toggle button.
    This latest version also (finally) fixes the problem with some Nikon lossless compressed raw files. You can actually honour me for this fix as it was my report and sample file that got it fixed!
    Support for the latest camera's and additional lenses has been added as well.
  • Mobile apps, now all available for free! (may require CC subscription to be fully functional)
    • Adobe Sketch, a social sketching iPad app for free-form drawing.
    • Adobe Line, the world’s first iPad app for precision drawing and drafting.
    •  Adobe Photoshop Mix brings the some of the creative imaging tools only found in Photoshop to the iPad. This version implements the two most-used features: precise compositing and masking. PS Mix also includes Upright, Content Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reduction—and integrates back to Photoshop CC on the desktop.
    • Adobe Lightroom mobile for iPhone, extending Lightroom to your iPhone.
  • Photoshop CC now has Blur Gallery motion effects for creating a sense of motion, and the recently introduced Perspective Warp for fluidly adjusting the perspective of a specific part of an image without affecting the surrounding area. Focus Mask makes portrait shots with shallow depth of field stand out, and new Content-Aware capabilities make one of the most popular features even better. Adobe also added more camera support to Lightroom (version 5.5) as well as a new Lightroom mobile app for iPhone.
  • Amongst others, new in Adobe Illustrator are the Live Shapes to quickly and non-destructively transform rectangles into complex forms and then return to the original rectangle with just a few clicks.
  • With InDesign CC layout artists can now move rows and columns around in tables by simply selecting, dragging and dropping, which will be a big time saver. The new EPUB Fixed Layout means you can create digital books effortlessly.
  • Adobe Muse CC is being rebuilt as a native 64-bit application and it now includes HiDPI display support for sharper-looking images, objects, and text.
  • Video apps now include Live Text Templates, Masking and Tracking plus new integrations that leverage the power of Adobe After Effects CC inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • And finally with Dreamweaver CC you can now view your markup in an interactive tree using the new Element Quick View, to quickly navigate, and modify the HTML structure of pages.

For more details, please see the product pages at the Adobe website.

Important Note

Interestingly, instead of what you'd come to expect with CC, this new version installs as a complete new version, next to your existing CC (and earlier CS versions). You should be able to safely uninstall the previous version(s) of the software after migrating all your settings. Be aware though that not all old functionality/plugins may work with this new version so you may choose to keep them around still. A notable omission is the oil painter which not available in the new CC 2014.

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