18 March 2014

Firmware update for the Nikon D4

Nikon today released a new firmware for its D4 camera.

You can download the new firmware from the Nikon support site: EU / USA
The new firmware updates both the A and B firmwares to version 1.10 and contains the following updates:
  • Custom Setting f17: Assign Remote Fn Button has been added*.
  • Support for CompactFlash memory cards with capacities greater than 128 GB has been added.
  • When AF-ON only was selected for Custom Setting a4 (AF activation) and the AF-ON button was pressed to initiate autofocus during viewfinder photography, focus remained locked even after the user took their finger off the button, and the shutter could be released at any time.  However, specifications have been modified so that the shutter cannot be released under the following conditions if the camera fails to focus*.
    - Autofocus mode is set to AF-S (single-servo AF)
    - AF-area mode is set to Single-point AF
    - Custom Setting a2 (AF-S priority selection) is set to Focus
  • When an XQD memory card and certain types of CompactFlash memory card were inserted in the camera at the same time, "Err" was displayed in the top control panel. This issue has been resolved.
* Please see the addendum of the user manual for details on this new setting / behaviour. (note: link on USA site to this document seems to be broken)

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