21 April 2015

Lightroom 6/CC now available!

We've been waiting for it for quite some time now, but here it finally is: a new version of Lightroom.

The new version is available both as a stand-alone/upgrade version (called Lightroom 6, $149 full version / $79 upgrade) or as part of the Creative Cloud subscription model (where it's called Lightroom CC, available from $9.99/month as part of the Creative Cloud and Photography programs). The features are the same for both versions of the program.

Key highlights of the new Lightroom 6/CC

  • HDR Merge – yes, directly from within Lightroom 6/CC, no extra (external) software required!
  • Panorama Merge – this is a boon to Lightroom Pano shooters; Lightroom 6/CC is now able to stitch together (raw) photos to form a panorama, which you can then edit with all the familiar Lightroom develop tools.
  • Face recognition and tagging – Lightroom is now able to recognise faces and can automatically tag your photos.
  • Filter brushes – The power of filter brushes finally comes to Lightroom too. Adobe Camera Raw has had this ability to manually paint in or out the masks generated by e.g., the radial or graduated gradients.
  • Speed – The new Lightroom should be faster than its predecessor as it now makes use of the Graphical Processing Unit to off-load some of its tasks.

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