1 August 2013

Sigma announces Mount Conversion Service and 4 years warranty

Sigma today announced a revolutionary new service that will enable owners of Sigma “Global Vision lenses” to change their lens mounts for use on different camera systems. The mount change will costs between $80 and $250 (plus shipping) depending on the lens in question.

The Mount Conversion Service will be operational as of 2 September this year. All current Sport, Contemporary or Art DSLR lenses are applicable for service and can be refitted to either a Sigma, Sony, Pentax, Nikon or Canon mount. Global Vision category lenses for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras can be updated to either a micro four thirds (MFT) or Sony E-mount.

This service is really good news for people who invested heavily in Sigma lenses but are now facing a camera system change (e.g., from Canon to Nikon or vice versa); the fee for the service will be likely (much) lower than the the loss incurred when selling the lens with the old mount and re-buying it with the new mount!

In the same message, Sigma also announced they increased the warranty period of all Sigma products (including cameras, lenses, accessories, etc.) bought after 1 July 2013 to 4 whole years.

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